ADALAT Project

Assistance for the Development of Afghan Legal Access and Transparency (ADALAT)— Traditional Dispute Resolution (TDR) commonly known ADALAT is a Checchi Consulting funded project implemented by The Liaison Office (TLO). The goal of the project is to increase TDR adherence to Afghan law, equitable treatment […]

Commission on Conflict Mediation

Paktia and Khost face similar problems as most of the other South Eastern Afghan provinces. Conflicts over land, water, and other resources linked to or causing tribal rivalries are of major concern to the Afghan government. Government verdicts in these conflicts are exploited by hostile […]


In the aftermath of international troops’ withdrawal in 2014, the government of Afghanistan was coping up with challenges on a number of grounds, chiefly security. In the area of security, a key challenge was the role of police force, particularly the lack of community confidence […]

Just Future

Fragility, conflict and violence are the most significant obstacles to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In the most fragile and conflict-affected country like Afghanistan, insecurity and injustice is chronic and widespread due to weak, unresponsive institutions that do not meet the needs and claims […]

Peace Building & Access to Justice

The Liaison Office (TLO), founded in 2003, an Afghan non-governmental organization (NGO) emerged from a Swiss peace pilot project supported by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung on good governance. The pilot project was designed and implemented in response to the request of community elders and influential individuals from […]

Promoting Youth Integration Project

The Liaison Office (TLO) started work with IDPs since October 2014 in two targeted Nasaji PD 8 and Pule-e-shina PD 12 camps. IDP families of these camps are the original residents of Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan, and Kapisa provinces. In this project 100 IDPs youth: male […]