Donor: UNICEF, ECW (Education cannot wait).

Relevant Sector:  Ministry of Education.

Implementer: TLO (The liaison office).

Duration of project: Start 28 April 2022 end Date 31 January 2023.

Province: Herat

Goal of the project:  Provide basic & quality education for children affected by crises in areas where education is not provided. (Especially girls).

Main outcomes of the project:

·       Outcome 1: Access to education for emergency-affected girls and boys is increased
·       Outcome 2: Improved gender equity, equality and inclusivity in education access and attainment
·       Outcome 3: Continuity of education for emergency affected girls and boys is increased
·       Outcome 4: Quality of learning for crisis-affected girls and boys especially further affected by covid19 is improved
·       Outcome 5: Safe, protective and enabling learning environment for crisis-affected girls and boys, especially the most marginalized, are established
Coverage area:
Province: Herat
·       Kushk E Robat Sangi
·       Zindajan
·       Injil
·       Herat City
# Of Hub Schools:  74 (Central Governmental) hub schools are registered with the project and have cooperation with us.
# Of Classes: (361)
ALP (Accelerated learning program):
·       Male: 4
·       Female: 48
·       Mix: 9
# Of CBS classes:
CBS (Community Based Education):
·       Male: 36
·       Female: 41
·       Mix: 223
# Of SMS: 77 SMSs (School Management) shuras are Established by TLO and Supporting the project.
Covering Students:
·       Boys: 2991
·       Girls: 4980
·       Total: 7971
·       Direct: 8372
·       Indirect: 67097
·       Total: 75469
Continuing activities of project:
For students: 
·       Distribution of various kinds of kits for classes, teachers and students.
·       Continually Supervision and monitoring of the classes and students in terms of quality and quantity.
·       Provide the necessary facilities to help students with disabilities. 
·       Preparing students’ documentations according to ministry of education rules and regulations.
·       Provide safe learning space for Children specially girls.
·       Work on capacity and cooperating with hub Schools to prepare them for Handing over process.
·       Repairing of the classes which have been provided in order to use as learning spaces.
·       Provide water stations for hand washing of students.
·       Provide tents for the hub schools that do not have enough learning spaces.
·       Distribution of Hygiene kits like, Soap, Sanitizer, Mask… for students.
For teachers:
·       Conducting standard trainings in order to increase teachers’ capacity.
·       Developmental monitoring of teachers is being done by technical colleagues of the project.
·       Conducting TLCs (Teacher learning circles) in order to increase teachers Knowledge, skills and behavior.
For SMSs:
·       Development of educational programs for the administrative council of schools in order to provide comprehensive support to classes and students, especially girls.
·       Conduction regular meetings with SMS, Hub Schools and Parents in order to solve the problems.
·       Conducting meetings in order to aware the mentioned people to avoid from student’s dropout.
·       Conducting various kinds of trainings and meetings in order to aware them to follow the safeguarding policy.
·       Conducting of regular exchange visits for SMSs in order to find there weaknesses and solve them.
Monitoring and Evaluation by stockholders:
·       PED (Provincial education department) & Related DED (District education department); all activities are being monitored by PED in city and DEDs in districts regularly.
·       UNICEF: All project activities are regularly monitored by UNICEF.
·       CRS: Some activities are monitored by CRS too.
·       According to TORs of SMS classes are regularly monitored by hub schools, SMS members and students’ parents.

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