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SLSD Sustainable Livelihoods and Social Economic Development in Southeast region of Afghanistan:

The SLSD Programme overall goal is to contribute to sustainable livelihoods and inclusive socio-economic development in southeast region with improved natural resource management, access to clean drinking water and improve capacity of rural communities and service delivery institutions,

TLO SLSD team have successfully implemented 19 Sub-project in SLSD Programme in 6 District of Khost and Paktia provinces in three years.

Due to the successful implementation of the first phase of SLSD Programme, SDC was very enthusiastic to award the second phase approval to TLO  for three year more. 


Drawing on its knowledge gained from research, TLO’s Peacebuilding program aims to strengthen communities by establishing grass-roots conflict resolution mechanisms and structures that can be used by other stakeholders (e.g., government and non-government development actors) for dialogue and consultation on community concerns. The goal is to give communities a direct role in, and responsibility for, peace and stability in their areas.

Traditional Dispute Resolution

TLO has undertaken access to justice projects at the provincial and district level since 2007. In an effort to bridge the gap between formal and informal justice, TLO set up Commissions on Conflict Mediation (CCM’s) in Khost and Paktia provinces.These hybrid mechanisms akin to out of court mediation broughttogether high-level government leaders and tribal elders to address the most serious and persistent conflicts in these provinces, especially those over land. Since their inception CCM’s have proven highly effective. During its first two years of operation the Khost CCM solved nearly 40 large land conflicts, Including some that had persisted for decades.

In 2010, after an exploratory period, TLO applied a modified CCM model to the district level, establishing a total of nine government-approved dispute resolution shuras in nine districts throughout Paktia, Nangarhar, Uruzgan, Helmand, and Nimroz provinces. To date, TLO-sponsored shuras have resolved more than 100 cases – substantially expanding access to dispute resolution in these provinces.

Dialogue Facilitation

            Nangarhar (September - October 2007)

            security, reconciliation and development in Zurmat District, Paktia (2006)

            governments of LoyaPaktia (Khost, Paktika, Paktia) (September 2005)


Community Consultations



Capacity Building

            Update, April 2009


            2008) Civic Education for Voter Registration: Parliamentary Elections (2005)

PDF Files:

Communications for Stabilization (2008)

Dispute Resolution Institutions in Eastern

Afghanistan (2010)

Evaluation of the Khost CCM (2009)

Evaluation of the Paktia CCM (2010)

Land Based Conflict in Paktia (2008)