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A comprehensive approach to conflict resolution must address the fact that competition for natural resources is the number one cause of conflict in Afghanistan. By using targeted projects in the area of livelihood improvement TLO seeks to reduce resource competition and promote peace through sustainable livelihoods. With our ongoing community research as a baseline that informs all aspects of our engagement, TLO’s Livelihood program concentrates on four key areas:

Alternative Development Program-Uruzgan Province (2009-2011)

In the spring of 2009, TLO began a two-year large-scale alternative livelihoods program to improve the agriculture and l

livestock economy throughout Uruzgan Province in south-central Afghanistan. Through technical training and market

development, this USAID-funded project aims to increase crop yields, introduce sustainable licit crops, and facilitate

access to markets throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Construction of Licorice collection Station - Paktia (2006)

In the fall of 2006, TLO undertook market research, botanical identification, quality analysis, organic certification, and

developed standard operating procedures for sustainable harvest and post-harvest treatments of licorice. After completing

market research, a collection centre was constructed that provided post-harvest treatment facilities based on EU market

standards. All activities of this centre are managed by a board of trustees, who are from the targeted collection areas and

representatives of their collectors. As a result of this project, collection, transportation, storage and marketing methods

have been improved to the point that licorice collectors have added $0.75 per kg to their product.

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Liquorice Market Report (2007

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